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je preduzece osnovano 2011. godiine u Beogradu i bavi se prodajom i ugradnjom dodatne i tuning opreme za veliki broj automobila na našem tržistu.

U našoj ponudi možete naci veliki asortiman aluminijumskih felni tuning branika, maski, difuzora, spojlera, farova, stop svetala kao i LED i Xenon sijalicana.

Veliki izbor guma za putnički program australijskog brenda Altenzo za koje smo ekskluzivni uvoznik i zastupnik u ovom delu evrope.


Nasa misija je da postanemo sinonim za kompaniju koja odrzava i postavlja samo visoke standarde u oblasti auto industrije i da renomiranim proizvodima i pristupacnim cenama omogucimo klijentima da u prijatnom ambijentu naprave najbolji izbor.


Nasa vizija je da postanemo lider u okviru naseg poslovanja i da trendove auto industrije priblizimo nasim klijentima.

PDW Industrial Co., Ltd (also known as PDW group) founded in 1983, consists of Three business divisions, an Automotive Alloy Wheels & Tyres Division, Motorcycle Wheels & Accessories Division, and Steel Security Doors Division. The facilities include three production plants located in Wuyi headquarter, Yongkang and Jinhua city, with a subsidiary company in Australia and a distribution network in over 60 countries. Over 1000 employees are waking within the company. Through the acquisition of POW Australia, POW group owns PDW, Altenzo, Cavort, and YSSG brands that all of them are becoming the leading brands in their own areas.

Attenzo tyres, prides itself on its quality, comfort and competitive pricing. In order to provide the best to its customers Attenzo tyres enforces the highest of manufacturing standards to all its products to ensure the safety, driving comfort, handling, performance and environmentally friendliness

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As a Chinese tire manufacturer, KINFOREST TYRE CO., LTD is active on all continents and in more than 170 countries, from China to Brazil and from the United States of America to Germany and Russia. We produce different kinds of tire such as PCR, UHP, LTR, TBR, 4x4 and SUV tyres with our own brands "KINFOREST", "MAYRUN", "DAILYWAY". All of our tyres have been successfully certified by DOT, ECE, S-MARK, ISO9001, NOM, INMETRO, GCC and other domestic and international certifications.

Our resources consist of most of the tools available from today's technology and the most committed and conscientious staff. These resources are offered to our clients to provide a full array and best materials with newest technology adopted. With many years' efforts, we have been growing proportionately with the number of clients added through the years, and become an important tire supplier in the global market.

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Oficijalni uvoznik i predstavnik guma Australijskog brenda "ALTENZO"

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